Lightworks roadmap released

There has been a new road map released on The lightworks site – (undated)

As far as Mac support goes, the comments note that it is “not far away” I will keep up to date with developments and report on any news.
The full release is below:



When we started the Lightworks Beta program, we set out to make a difference. We wanted to engage people in a community that was driven by the desire to nurture and develop editing software based on what mattered to editors; we didn’t want to follow a rigid corporate strategy, servicing shareholders who have no idea about our industry. We have come a long way in the past 18 months, from an early beta version of Lightworks to a full release, and we are proud of that journey.

A key part to its continued success is the open nature of the project. We stated at the beginning that the project would have four stages:

  1. Release a free version of Lightworks
  2. Release a full version, which includes the extra professional codecs
  3. Release cross-platform versions of Lightworks for Mac OSX and Linux as well
  4. Release the source code

With this release, we have reached stage two. It has taken us a little longer to get here, but we’re not far away with phase three – cross-platform support.

As before, we will publish an outline roadmap. It’s not set in stone, and is liable to change. If it does, we’ll keep this page updated. But it is there as a guide to where we are taking the product. We will also throw in a few surprises along the way.

We will also be making some announcements in the coming months about our approach to open source with Lightworks and the plans for this going forward.

Our new roadmap will be published shortly. Please check back for regular updates.

Lightworks site is here:


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