Lightworks Public beta release, 11.5 promises Mac version is getting closer

Mac version of Lightworks gets closer.

Lightworks have announced a beta release of their video editing software, currently available on both Windows and Linux. They say that 11.5  represents the stepping stone to version 12 which will be Windows, Linux and Mac.

According to a Lightworks Spokesman:

“This latest Beta build is a huge step on from version 11.1.1. We now have AC3 audio decode support (cross platform) which no longer requires a separate audio filter. We have introduced a considerable amount of changes to the user interface including: Playback controls to viewers, right click menu functionality (export, adding effects etc) Colour scheme changes with user definable parameters, including scaling the interface. AJA Hardware I/O support, Background export, YouTube export and much more!

This Beta build by no means represents the final product. There are several of the new features not working correctly and these issues are all covered in the Limitations and Known Issues list. Please pay particular attention to this list before downloading the installers.”

If you are a user of Lightworks via Bootcamp, please be sure to back up current projects before installing this beta release.

Full details of the release are available from Lightworks.


For a history of the development of Lightworks.


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