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Not only the lowest cost Final Cut training, but personal “one on one” training at your place and at a lower cost than any comparable group classes.

Learn Final Cut Pro or Express at your own home or office.

Our courses are personal “one on one” classes – you learn at your speed. You don’t need to worry about keeping pace with other students as you would in a group class.

Make the most of your time and money. If you are quicker than average, then it will cost you less time and less money. Classes are based on the hours need.

We Guarantee that if you are not satisfied within the first hour, there is NO Charge.FCP Tutorials from 1.99

You can learn on Weekends and Evenings, the more hours you have in one session the lower the hourly rate.

Our full Final Cut Course – 8 hours – will cost you $700, a comparable group course elsewhere will cost you $1000+   That is over a $300 saving – and Remember that our classes are at your place – Personal, One on One – not at a Group class that you have to travel to.

If you just need a “refresher” session to remind you of what you have forgotten, then you only need to pay for the hours you use in that refresher session.

If you have questions about Final Cut then get them answered by an experienced Industry professional quickly – saving time means saving money and getting back to earning with your new Final Cut knowledge and work flow.

During this course the advertised material will be covered but not necessarily in the given order. Due to the nature of Adult education, parts of the curriculum will be adapted to suit the class.

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Tutorials: Final Cut Pro X from $1.99

47 individual lessons over 8 hours of tutorials,
Separate Basic and Advanced sections.

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