Apple iPhoto Training


With Apple’s Free iPhoto – comes on all Macs.

Apple’s iPhoto makes it easy to import photos from your digital camera, organise them for fast retrieval and then share them with family and friends. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 digital photos, iPhoto keeps track of them all, automatically organising them so you can find them quickly.

iPhoto helps you to enhance your photos appearance; and share them as prints,
via email, over the web. iPhoto is especially good at helping you create professional printable books for sharing your photos with family and friends.

Our iPhoto course runs for a total of 4 x hours – we suggest that these are taken in 2 x 2 hour segments. We travel to your location so you can learn on your computer.
iPhoto is free on all Macintosh computers

Course costs: Total of 4 x hours $320.00

Course notes are provided.

We will cover these topics:

Creating categories/Albums
Searching for Photos
Assigning Keywords.
Basic Photo editing
iPhoto Slideshows
Adding Title Slides
Creating printable Books and Calendars
A Workflow to Select and Compare Photos

If you would like more information about our courses,

Please email:,

or Phone: 0414 734 388


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