Create your own DVDs with Apple iDVD

Your own DVDs with Apple’s iDVD Software

Using iDVD, learn how, in one simple step, to add photos and albums from iPhoto, movies and video podcasts from iMovie and even links to your favourite songs from iTunes. Then you can publish on DVD with one click.

This course is run by a video professional of 9 years who manages web pages for various clients.

The course covers the mechanics of iDVD as well as an overview of the creative process of design a web site as well as some introduction to optimising your web site for search engines

Our iDVD course runs for a total of 4 x hours – we suggest that these are taken in 2 x 2 hour segments. We travel to your location so you can learn on your computer.

iDVD is free on all Macintosh computers

Course costs: Total of 4 x hours $380.00.

Casual rates are available also at $110.00 for first hour then $80.00 per hour.

Course notes are provided on both iDVD and the creative editing process.

We cover the following topics:

Apple-designed templates.
Overview of Creating a DVD
About Themes and Templates
The Inspector Window
Add Your Own Text and Graphics
Add a Photos Slideshow
Adding Video and Audio
Organise Your DVD
Add Chapters
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One response

  1. Hello,
    Not sure if you can help us, but we are currently building a web site using iWeb (great application) but when we publish to a folder we have major changes to the layout, font, colours etc.
    Is there something on this topic you might be able to help us with or direct us to.
    Thank you,

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