The complete Final Cut Pro 7 course

2 x sessions covering the following topics:

The Setups:

Easy Setup
System Setup
Sequences Settings

Capturing Footage

Connecting sources
Previewing and marking your source
logging Clips
Choosing clip settings
Choosing capture settings
Capture preferences
Importing Files

Working with projects

Working with Bins
Working with the Timeline and Canvas
Magnifying Timeline tracks

In & out points for Editing

The viewer
Marking Clips
Audio Clips
Preparing to edit
Overwrite edits
Dragging Clips to the timeline
Dragging Audio to the timeline
Inserting Clips

Marking in the timeline

Selecting tracks
Deleting Clips and Gaps
Editing to an Audio Track
Importing Clips
Sound effects to Video Clips
Linking Clips
Adding Cut a-ways

Edit tools that effect the length of the time

Trimming Edit points
Dragging to Trim
Trimming a linked track
Rippling Edits
Trimming in the viewer
Razor Blade tool
Extending an Edit

Edit tools that DO NOT effect the length of the time

Adjusting Edit Points
Adjusting two edit points
Rolling Edit Points
Slipping Clip content
Changing Clip placement


Browser Columns
Finding items in the Browser
Working with master Clips
Customising the interface
Shortcut keys and buttons


Video Transitions
Audio Transactions
Transition Editor
Previewing & Rendering


Previewing Tracks
Editing in the timeline
Changing levels over time
Audio Mixer
Recording a narration
Importing a CD track

Motion Animation with key-frames

Changing Clip Speed
Freeze Frames
Changing parameters
Sharing attributes
Variable speed change


Modifying Filter parameters
Corrective Filters
Audio Filters
Compositing Clips
Key-frames to animate filters


Text generators
Colour Mattes
Working with Graphics
Motion effects with text
Boris text options

Final Output to Tape/DVD/Quicktime/Compressor

Reconnecting media
Finishing Audio and Video
Managing Project media

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